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Our Mission


Our mission is to protect and restore the rivers and waterways of Central America by prevention and extraction of trashand pollutants



We develop effective strategies to reduce contaminants based on science, engineering and reliable data points. We are dedicated to setting up effective technologies that prevent waste from entering our river systems, and as a result, reaching our oceans and damaging the ecosystem. We use innovative strategies and technology to remove accumulated pollution and transport it to designated retention stations for proper management following principles of circular economy



We strive to ensure the sustainability and vitality of the region's rivers, safeguarding their environment, biodiversity, and the well-being of local communities. Together, we can create cleaner, healthier waterways for present and future generations


Our Sponsors

Jesus Canahauti.png

Jesus Canahuati

Grupo Elcatex

Founded in 1984, Grupo Elcatex is a manufacturer and supplier of textile and apparel products for commercial and retail markets. It also contributes to the development and growth of Honduras and generates more than 15,000 direct jobs annually. A regional leader in social responsibility and sustainability.

Luis Miguel.png

Luis Miguel Castillo

Grupo Mariposa

Founded in Guatemala in 1885, Grupo Mariposa is a Latin American food and beverage company dedicated to the production, distribution and sales of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with the largest portfolio in the region, exporting to more than 35 countries.

Camilo Atala.png

Camilo Atala


Founded in 1994, Grupo FICOHSA is a leader in financial services and commercial banking. The group’s success rests on its reputation and commitment to sustainable economic and social development in Central America.


  • Lead by Action: Hold yourselves to high standards in your interactions and work

  • Finding Solutions to Complex Problems: Act with integrity as an independent leader and advocate for the environment.

  • Integrity and Transparency: Act with integrity as an independent leader and advocate for the environment.

  • Change Leadership: Work together with other organizations, communities, and stakeholders to achieve common goals.

  • Care from the Heart: Actively listen to and understand your customers and stakeholders to design and deliver excellent services.

  • Innovation: Continuously seek new ideas and approaches to improve your work.

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